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  Ukrainian sovereign international bonds (USD)Edit

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  • Ukraine, 1.847% 29may2020, USD
  • Ukraine, 1.471% 29sep2021, USD
  • Ukraine, 1.844% 16may2019, USD
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Issue parameters
Trading dateCountryIssuerIssuer rating M/S&P/FType of debt instrumentCurrencyISINMaturity dateStock exchangeBid (at close)Ask (at close)Weighted average priceACIYTM (effective)Duration
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS157795295209/25/2032Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130391826909/01/2019Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130391893909/01/2020Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130392008309/01/2021Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130392121409/01/2022Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130392148709/01/2023Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130392504109/01/2024Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130392547009/01/2025Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130392652809/01/2026Cbonds Estimation******************
04/20/2018UkraineUkraine***International bondsUSDXS130392717909/01/2027Cbonds Estimation******************
А new analytical instrument “Bond maps” allows to plot a graph of the yield or spread according to the duration or the maturity. The service allows getting a graphical presentation of the trading issues by the chosen search parameters and evaluate quickly the situation in the world bond and international bond markets within any region, country, sector or industry. It is possible to add key curves-benchmarks (GCurve, UST, Bunds, UK Guilts) to the bond map. The interface of the new section allows building your own bond maps and saving them to refer to them quickly in future. For your convenience, the list of the most popular bond maps by various sectors and regions is built in the service. All the built bond maps can be printed, saved and downloaded in Excel and Csv.
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150 000
issues: local and international bonds
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