ICU Research: Liquidity above UAH110bn

January 10, 2017 - Cbonds


After banking sector liquidity rose to above UAH119bn at the end of last year, this year it declined slightly, but at the end of last week it remained above UAH112bn, mostly concentrated in CDs. Last Friday, banking sector liquidity amounted to UAH112.83bn, with banks' correspondent accounts with the NBU at UAH39.22bn and total CDs outstanding at UAH73.1bn.

Investment implications: Significant fund inflows from the state budget at the end of last year caused a significant decline in the state treasury account balance to UAH14.26bn, nearly two times lower than at the beginning of December 2016. Although revenue collection was significant, budget expenditures exceeded revenues, causing liquidity to accumulate in the banking system. Liquidity should decline slightly during 1Q7, as occurred last year, as inflows from the budget will be less significant than in December. The record level of liquidity seen at the end of 2015 will not be beat.
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