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The volume of the corporate bonds market in Russia as of February 1 is 11.5 trillion rubles, corporate Eurobonds – 134 billion dollars – Cbonds release

February 06, 2018 | Cbonds

Indices of the corporate bond market 

The volume of the market of corporate bonds of Russia as of February 1 increased in the space of a month by 0.3%. The total volume of all issues amounted to 11,457.46 billion rubles. (at current face value – 11,163.68 billion rubles), of which 3,711.38 billion rubles account for the oil and gas sector, 2,488.07 billion rubles – for bank bonds, 2,034.19 billion rubles – for financial institutions, 3,223.82 billion rubles – for issues of other branches of the Russian economy. 

At the moment, there are 1,354 issues of bonds in circulation from 404 issuers. In January, 2 issuers entered the market, placing 2 bond issues for a total of 16 billion rubles. 

Market indices of securitization and mortgage bonds 

As of February 1, the volume of the mortgage securitization market amounted to 485.57 billion rubles, which is 1% more than last month, while there were no issues of mortgage securitization for the past period detected. The volume of the non-mortgage securitization market amounted to 15.7 billion rubles as of February 1. There were no issues in this segment as well. 

Indices of the municipal bond market 

In the sovereign debt segment there were no new placements. As of February 1, the volume of the market of municipal bonds is 719.05 billion rubles (at current face value – 568.61 billion rubles). At the moment, there are 128 bond issues from 53 regional issuers in circulation. 

Eurobond market indices of Russian issuers 

Russian issuers made 5 new placements in the Eurobond market in January. The total market volume taking into account the sovereign debt is equal to 181.702 billion dollars. Among them: 47.566 billion dollars falls on government Eurobonds and 134.135 billion dollars – on corporate securities. 

Indices of the government bond market 

In January, 8 auctions of the RF Ministry of Finance on the placement of federal loan bonds (OFZ) took place, on which a total of 148 billion rubles were placed. As of February 1, the government internal debt of the Russian Federation, expressed in government securities, is 7,215.67 billion rubles. According to Cbonds estimates, the total volume of federal loan bonds issues as of February 1, amounted to 6,748.12 billion rubles, of which 4,266.65 billion rubles accounted for federal bonds with fixed coupon income (OFZ-PD), 1,748.44 billion rubles – for federal bonds with variable coupon income (OFZ-PK), 524.06 billion rubles – for federal bonds with amortization of debt (OFZ-AD), 168.81 billion rubles – for federal Inflation-indexed bond (OFZ-IN), 40.16 billion rubles – for federal bonds for individuals (OFZ-n) 

All auctions of government securities

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