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company Zaporozhie
full company name The City of Zaporizhzhia
type of legal entity Subject of Russian Federation
country of risk Ukraine


The City of Zaporizhzhia is the center of Zaporizhzhia Region. It holds the third place in the country by its industrial potential and is the sixths biggest city in Ukraine with population of about 806.9 thousand people. In 2003 the city’s industrial production volume amounted to UAH15.1 bln. There are over 160 manufacturing plants in Zaporizhzhia. Major industries are: metallurgy, engineering and energy, which are represented by such giants as Zaporozhstal, Zaporozhye Ferro Alloys Plant, Zaporozhye Aluminum Plant etc. In 2003 the city posted budget revenue of UAH517.7 mln , and UAH580 mln in 2004.
According to the City Council data, Zaporizhzhia released three municipal bond issues: worth UAH10 mln in 1996, and worth UAH5 mln and UAH2 mln in 1997.
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IBI-Rating *** National Scale Rating ***
UCRA *** National Rating Scale ***
Credit-Rating *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
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Issue Volume, mln Status
Zaporozhie, 3-N 20 UAH early redeemed
Zaporozhie, 3-L 10 UAH early redeemed
Zaporozhie, 3-M 20 UAH early redeemed
Zaporozhie, 2-K 5 UAH redeemed
Zaporozhie, 2-I 10 UAH redeemed
Zaporozhie, 2-J 10 UAH redeemed
Zaporozhie, 1-H 25 UAH redeemed
Zaporozhie, 1-G 25 UAH redeemed
Zaporozhie, 1-F 10 UAH redeemed
Zaporozhie, 1-E 10 UAH redeemed