Budindustriya XXI Century — Company card

company Budindustriya XXI Century
full company name Limited Liability Company BUDINDUSTRIYA XXI CENTURY
type of legal entity Limited liability company
country of risk Ukraine
industry Construction and development
web http://budind.com.ua


“Budindustriya XXI Century” Ltd. was created on 8 October 2004 with the target of major investment and construction programs implementation on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol. Construction is the main sphere of company’s activity: • reconstruction of old residential and public buildings; • shopping centers; • multifunctional facilities; • direct sale of residential and commercial real estate

We use only high quality materials and technologies. Qualified staff of civil engineers is able to carry out not only common but also special construction projects. In order to provide the abovementioned programs we open: • regional financial groups; • insurance companies; • banking establishments.

We propose, introduce and develop the scheme structure of cooperation between our company and local governmental bodies when dealing with investment activity that concerns the development of city and region infrastructure.

Today our company is building deluxe cottage “The Pearl of Omega” in Sevastopol where we advertise for sale: • 1-2-3-room apartments; • office and administrative premises; • parking area.
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