Kredit Dnepr (TIN 143524004022) — Company card

company Kredit Dnepr
full company name PJSC Bank "Kredit-Dnepr"
type of legal entity Public joint-stock company
country of risk Ukraine
industry Banks

Company details

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Credir Dnepr Bank provides the whole spectrum of banking services, creating favourable conditions for development of business of its clients. The right of the Bank to provide such services is confirmed by the license of National Bank of Ukraine № 70 dating 07.07.1993 and by the permission №70-1 dating 24.12.2002 for the execution of banking operations in compliance with the Ukrainian law “On banks and banking activity”.
The BRANCROFT ENTERPRISES LIMITED company is the main shareholder of the Bank.
Credit Dnepr Bank operates in Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Sumy, Chernovsy, Lugansk, Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov regions of Ukraine.
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Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- foreign currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- local currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) ***
Fitch Ratings *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
Credit-Rating *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
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Issue Volume, mln Status
Kredit Dnepr, 1-F 100 UAH redeemed
Kredit Dnepr, 1-E 200 UAH cancelled
Kredit Dnepr, 1-D 100 UAH redeemed
Kredit Dnepr, 1-C 100 UAH redeemed
Kredit Dnepr, 1-A 70 UAH redeemed
Kredit Dnepr, 1-B 30 UAH redeemed
Loans Volume, mln Status
Kredit Dnepr, 10.2007 14 USD Redeemed