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DONETSK METALLURGICAL PLANT — bonds & company profile

full company name "DONETSK METALLURGICAL PLANT" Company
type of legal entity Open joint-stock company
country of risk Ukraine
industry Ferrous metals


The “DONETSKSTAL Iron and Steel Works” Closed Joint-Stock Company was established in August 2002 to use the Blast Furnace and Open-Hearth Furnace Departments formerly belonging to DMZ, as main production facilities.

Today DONETSKSTAL Company is a state-of-the-art steel producer focusing on production of:

* cast iron and pig iron; * over 100 different grades of carbon, constructional, tool, low-alloy, alloy and high quality steel; * high-quality copper-alloy church bells; straight-seam welded pipes for office furniture frameworks and components; * slag-forming mixtures, granulated slag and some construction material items.

Based on projects funded by some Ukrainian investors, a modernization of and improvements in the blast-furnace and open-hearth furnace facilities is currently underway. Thus, in 2002 the Blast Furnace № 2, one of the most up-to-date and environmentally friendly production facilities of that type in NIC countries, was brought back to service, complete with a powder coal injector. In June 2003, a Ladle Furnace was commissioned at the Open-Hearth Department, with the Continuous Caster modernized.

DONETSKSTAL Company was certified by Lloyd’s Register of England as a producer of steel products and steel semi-products (like slabs and cast billets of ordinary and high-tensile carbon, carbon-and-manganese grades of steel) to be within the Register’s requirements and slabs of sheep structural ordinary strength grades of steel GL-A and GL-B were certified by German Lloyd’s Code.

The “DONETSK METALLURGICAL PLANT” Company is one of the oldest steel producers in Ukraine.

DMZ is well-known as a producer of high quality rolled plate and bar products of different shapes and sizes (bulb strips, special shapes for farming machinery applications, rail fish plates, etc.).

The Quality Control System employed by DMZ has been certified be the TUV NORD Society as meeting the EN ISO 9001:2000 Standard requirements.

Years of outstanding performance have brought DMZ to a high standing as a reliable provider of high-quality products. The quality of the plant’s plate products for sheep building applications was confirmed by a number of the Quality Certificates issued by independent Certification Centers, such as Lloyd’s Register of England and Germany, the Russia Marine Register, the “Veritas” Bureau in France and Norway.

Among DMZ’s customers there are 15 different regions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, along with 54 other countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe and Africa, Northern and Southern America.


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