Poltava GOK — Company card

company Poltava GOK
full company name "Poltava GOK Corporation"
type of legal entity Open joint-stock company
country of risk Ukraine
industry Mining industry


Poltava GOK was founded in 1970 as a state owned company. In 1994, Poltava GOK was transformed into the open joint-stock company Poltava GOK, and was completely privatised during the period 1995-2001.

Poltava GOK occupies an area of 54.5 km2 which has been taken over by the company for its permanent use.
Currently, the open joint-stock company Poltava GOK is one of the largest companies in the mining industry within the Ukraine and the CIS.
The Company is the main Ukrainian exporter of iron ore pellets. More than 85 % of all products are exported to Austria, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro, Italy, and other countries.

Company Profile

The Company handles the complete production cycle from iron ore mining to iron ore pellet production – treated iron for metallurgical works.

The raw material base of the Company includes the ore fields of the Kremenchug magnetic anomaly – exploitation being carried out with one mine.The total reserves of deposits are 2,43 bn tones. Currently two deposits – Gorishne-Plavninsky and Lavrikovsky – are mined by one. The first workings are conducted at the Erisovsky deposit for the further pit contraction.
Iron ore extraction, production of concentrate, crushed rock and pellets are carried out in the processing plant comprising crushing, concentrating and pelletizing equipment.
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