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Makrocap Development Urkaine — bonds & company profile

company Makrocap Development Urkaine
full company name LTD "Makrocap Development Urkaine"
type of legal entity Limited liability company
country of risk Ukraine
industry Construction and development


LTD "Makrocap Development Urkaine" was established in 1997. Business address: 30 Danilevskogo st., Kharkov, Ukraine. Company name translates as: "makrocap" - large capital, "development" - an advanced stage of development, "Ukraine" - geographic gridding of capital. Company has incorporated the best personnel and officials of planning and building organizations of Kharkov city. It is the proffesional developer and operator of commercial and elite real estate market. It has five building plots inside big group of companies, which make all types of project-construction works. The head office of LTD "MKDU" has following services and departments: production and technical department, planned-economic department, estimate and contracts department, marketing department, investors department, architect's bureau, engineer training department, shipping department, supply department. Architect's bureau consists of all necessary personnel for designing of lodging, social and cultural objects, interior and landscape design. For proffesional property management was founded "Makrocap Property Management" company. Among partners of "MCDU" are leaders of local and capital building markets, leading realtors and financial companies, banks. Business connections was established with producers of building materials from Germany, Austria, Belorussia, Italy, Poland, Russia and Belgium for the purpose of raising technology base. Dealer treaty for procurement to Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine was concluded with German firm "Waitzinger", which produce stationary and movable concrete pumps. During 8-year period of lifetime LTD "MCDU" evolved in one of the big construction companies of Kharkov city. For last 3,5 years, 35,000 sq. m of living and commercial areas was placed in operation. At present LTD "MCDU" takes a part of about 30 percents of building market, in 2005 company was rewarded with Diploma of All-Ukrainian Rate "Best enterprises of Ukraine" in construction and architecture sphere. Director of LTD "MCDU" - Kutovoy Dmitry Eduardovich was awarded on title "Person of the Year" twice (in 2002 and 2003) for personal contribution in development of integration processes, by version of Institute of Rate Research. Tram marketing and price policy of company and partners relationships, which established with banks and money management organizations, allow our clients to use the most convenient and profitable schemes of buying and financing of real estate, that provide considerable competitor advantages.

Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
Credit-Rating *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
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Issue Volume, mln Status
Makrocap Development Urkaine, 1-A 7 UAH redeemed
Makrocap Development Urkaine, 1-B 6 UAH redeemed
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