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AvtoKrAZ — bonds & company profile

company AvtoKrAZ
full company name Holding Company "AvtoKrAZ"
type of legal entity Open joint-stock company
country of risk Ukraine
industry Engineering industry


Holding Company "AvtoKrAZ" - is the well known automaker in more than 60 ___countries of the world due to its powerful, reliable and simple in operation ___heavy-duty trucks proven by time and roads. ______________The Company has manufactured approximately 800.000 heavy-duty trucks for its semi-centennial automobile history. _____Model range of automobile machinery of “KrAZ” trademark consists of 25 base models and more than 150 modifications of two-, three- and four- axles vehicles with the wheel arrangement 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6х6, 8х4, 8х6, among them there are dumpers, truck tractors, platform trucks, timber trucks and log trucks, chassis for special equipment mounting as well as trailers. Tanks and fuel oil tanks, wide range equipment used in oil-and-gas, mining and timber industries, construction, road and municipal services can be mounted on KrAZ chassis. _____Due to their high technical capabilities KrAZ trucks were adopted by many armies of the world. Scores of names of special military items are mounted on KrAZ chassis. Military KrAZ trucks are the vehicles which can even in off-road and extreme temperature conditions well carry over pontoon bridges, missile launchers, radio engineering complexes, can tow artillery systems and transport cargoes of various kinds and staff. Where KrAZ cannot pass through, any other vehicle hardly can score a success too. _____Vehicle’s component parts and units are durable in operation, easily accessible for control and maintenance service. _____HC "AvtoKrAZ" quality control system is certified on conformity to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2000. _____HC “AvtoKrAZ” products have been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and honorable awards, including international ones, for excellent specifications. There are the Arch of European International Gold Star, the European prize for quality and diplomas of the international motor shows among them.

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