Sumykhimprom — Company card

company Sumykhimprom
full company name Public corporation "Sumykhimprom"
type of legal entity Open joint-stock company
country of risk Ukraine
industry Chemical and petrochemical industry


Public Joint-Stock Company Sumykhimprom is a large energy chemical complex with area 226 ha. The company is located on Northeast Ukraine. Number of employees: 5960. The company includes 13 main plants, 22 service plants, 3 daughter companies, 10 subdivisions of non-industrial group (catering center, greenhouse complex, etc.). JSC Sumykhimprom has status of the core company in the chemical industry of Ukraine producing phosphate mineral fertilizers.
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Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
Credit-Rating *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
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Issue Volume, mln Status
Sumykhimprom, 1-B 50 UAH redeemed
Sumykhimprom, 1-A 50 UAH redeemed