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Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It has an area of 603,628 sq km, making it the largest country entirely within Europe. The country is home to 45.4 million people.

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Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
RIA Rating***Sovereign ratings***
Dagong Credit***International scale rating (foreign curr.)***
Dagong Credit***International scale rating (local curr.)***
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)***Country Risk Classifications***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- foreign currency***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- local currency***
S&P Global Ratings***Foreign Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***Local Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***LT National Scale (Ukraine)***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (local curr.)***
Fitch Ratings***National Scale (Ukraine)***
Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA)***Foriegn curr. scale***
Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA)***Local curr. scale***
National Rating Agency***Global scale***

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Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
EUR 1 141 320 000
UAH 280 588 043 560 000
USD 29 22 945 455 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
Ukraine, 198006 UAH 10jun2020 1,088 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 197420 UAH 23may2018 150 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 197396 USD 13may2020 38 USD outstanding
Ukraine, 197388 UAH 15nov2017 635 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 197081 UAH 06mar2019 590 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 197065 UAH 20feb2032 index 5,401 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 197040 UAH 04mar2020 4,179 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 197032 UAH 17jul2030 4,700 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 197016 UAH 28feb2018 1,027 UAH outstanding
Ukraine, 196976 UAH 29nov2017 5 UAH outstanding
Loans Volume, mln Status
Ukraine, 2, 09.2015 500 USD Granted
Ukraine, 1, 09.2015 200 EUR Granted
Ukraine, 08.2015 500 USD Granted
Ukraine, 07.2015 400 EUR Granted
Ukraine, 05.2015 1,800 EUR Granted
Ukraine, 2,03.2015 215 USD Granted
Ukraine, 1,03.2015 5,000 USD Granted
Ukraine, 02.2015 330 USD Granted
Ukraine, 05.2014 750 USD Granted
Ukraine, 09.2013 750 USD Redeemed