Next placements

Maturity date (Put/call date)
03/31/2021 (03/31/2018)
“Next placements” section comprises information on planned bond and international bond placements, and also on latest issues, which passed decision-making (approval) procedure and registration process. Data on the issues with a known date of placement includes information on the planned issue volume, arrangers of the placement, date of order book closing, coupon payment schedule and par redemption (amortization). Data on the planned placements can be downloaded in Excel and Csv. The section also provides the latest version of Cbonds Pipeline, which contains information on the coming events in the monetary market, Arrangers’ league tables for Russian bonds, new issues of sovereign, corporate and municipal bonds of Russia and the CIS countries, planned bond and international bond issues, registered during the last month of the bond program, approved decisions on bond placements for the latest month, information on publishing new reporting data on Cbonds website, nearest Cbonds conferences.